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Colin MacLean
Don't try anything, trying always leads to failure

I'm kinda have a two-faced personality, Most of the time, I'm a very nice, kind-hearted compassionate person but deep inside my heart , there is an evil, more corrupt version of me that will unleash the worst kind of hell imaginable upon you if you make an enemy out of me!

Yeah I'm not dead; just been busy with work blah blah blah. In all seriousness, I have an interesting idea but though I'd run it through to see if you guys like it. Now I've been a fan of the crazy cartoony racing games like Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart all my life. Now I came up with a brilliant idea of "What if there was an MLP racing game like that?" Now there are a couple games like that being made in the community like PonyKart but I thought of my own little ideas and have recently been making track layouts in Paint.NET. Here is the list of tracks I've come up with so far; each with a little description.

Celestia Grand Prix


Ponyville Circuit: Citizens of Ponyville, watch in awe as contestants race through the dirt roads.
Sweet Apple Acres: Barrel your way through Ponyville's Sweet Apple Acres. Buckle up cuz it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
Fluttershy Fields: Take a peaceful stroll through a small circuit where Fluttershy lets her animals run around for exercise.
Everfree Forest: Venture deep into the mysterious Everfree Forest. Watch out for the muddy roads!


Rarity Circuit: Race through Rarity's extremely fashionable home track in Canterlot.
Pinkie Park: Percariously pace yourself through Pinkie Pie's Pretty Pony Play Park.
Friendship Expressway: Dash your way through this course; located in the area around the Canterlot train station.
Canterlot Castle: Princess Celestia corjurely invites you to race in her illustrious castle.


Wonderbolt Circuit: Carefully race across this gauntlet of obstacles at the Wonderbolts training center.
Cliffside Slide: Watch out at you ride along a dangerous cliffside of a giant mountain.
Weather Factory: Cloudsdale has transformed their famous Weather Factory into a one of a kind race circuit!
Rainbow Dash Stadium: Dash throughout a stadium full of thousands of screaming Pegasi; you'll be 20% cooler on this track!


Whitetail Woods: Navigate the Whitetail Woods during the traditional Running of the Leaves.
Frozen Nurth: Slide your way across this froze circuit
Crystal Empire: Speed your way through the beautfil Crystal Empire
Rainbow Road: Cruise down this road made of rainbows

Now so far I've only done track layouts for the Ponyville Cup but will get around to the others as I go on. Now normally the Mario Kart games also have the Retro Grand Prix which brings old tracks back. Now instead of the Retro GP, I decided to make darker versions of the tracks (similar to the Light/Dark World levels in Supper Meat Boy) I haven't come up with descriptions for these tracks yet but here are the tracks I plan on having for the Luna GP

Luna Grand Prix

Castle Ruins
Rainbow Factory
Rock Farm
Twilight's Castle
Zap Apple Acres
Rainbow Falls
Downhill Drift
Windigo Circuit
Cajun Swamp
Ghastly Gorge
Thunder Colosseum
Changeling Hive
Discorded City
Mountain Motorway
Twisted Labyrinth
Sombra's Castle

Let me know what you think of these ideas.

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